Patches began as simple pieces of cloth used to repair or “patch” other pieces of clothing. The ancient Chinese decorated over them, which led to the early tradition of embroidery (which, as you may already know, continues even today).

However, it would be until the 1800s when the early attempts to use technology to streamline the whole process. Before, they were made wholly by hand, which made the process impractical for the following reasons.

First, it was too time-consuming. One simple design could take a lot of time to painstakingly embroider. Even the most skilled hand-embroiderer has to take time to focus on the details. Every action takes time – each twist of the hand holding the needle, each replacement of different-coloured threads, among others.


For detail work, for collectors’ items and such, the highly personalized process is okay. However, for the then burgeoning industry, it was not sustainable.

Second, it was almost impossible to maintain quality control, especially for huge numbers of supposedly similar-looking items with just hand-embroidered output.

The above reasons are why in the 1800s, Alphonse Kursheedt and later on Isaak Groebli made machines to try to speed up and streamline the process for making patches. Isaak Groebli is particularly important, since he introduced the first revolutionary version of the embroidery machine for the time, the “Schiffli”, in 1863.

However, who started the need for more “uniform” and more quickly mass-produced decorated pieces of cloth? Well, you probably did not know this, but it was the military that first popularized the use of patches.

Before the 1800’s, there was almost no way to distinguish military officers from ordinary soldiers. It was difficult to distinguish who is who, which is particularly disastrous for a heavily classified regimented group like the military.

Of course, one could present one’s documents for identification, among other things. However, that will take too much time. There was clearly a need for an easily visible identifier for soldiers, so that at one glance, without saying a single word, people will know a soldier’s rank.

Some say that one of the first military groups to use them to designate the authoritative positions of its members is the British Army. In fact, it was from Britain that the United States got its own idea of using patches .

In the United States military, the patch was designed in such a way that in one glance, one could glean a soldier’s signified rank, division, and skill set.

The first versions in the United States were used by the Union Army during the Civil War. Since the war efforts understandably have shifted money away from textile production, the kinds of patch during this time period were simple and easy to make.

The simplicity of the designs were also for easier uniformity, so that the relatives of the soldiers could conceivably make them for their family members.

Later on, during World War I, the army authorized the use of SSI’s, or shoulder sleeve insignia, pieces of cloth attached to military officers’ uniforms for easy unit identification.

Nowadays, new technologies have made patch-making less expensive and more accessible to individuals and organizations who want to use them – even those that are on a really tight budget. From computer programs that help in the design process, to the more advanced embroidery machines that help in the manufacture process, patches can be used by more people more than ever.

Moreover, the patch isn’t for the military anymore. Groups as diverse as camping clubs fire and police departments, sports teams, emergency units, businesses, motorcycle clubs, and schools can all avail of them for their own purposes.

Multiple Listing Long Island: How to Write a Listing Effectively?

While you may have an idea on the process for doing a multiple listing Long Island as well as how to sell a house, you may experience difficulty on how to actually write the listing. Not everyone is good at writing, after all. More than that, some people are confused about the structure they should follow in writing or what they should say in it.

For those who are still beginners in the field of writing a listing, there should be nothing for them to worry about. Nowadays, there are real estate agents who can take this kind of trouble off of your hands. On the other hand, if you really need to write the listing on your own, then you just have to learn more about the proper way of writing the multiple listing Long Island effectively.

Here are some of the best tips to take advantage of if you want to write the listing on your own.

First of all, you should never exaggerate. No matter how much you sugarcoat your words, once the potential buyer finds out that you are lying or that they are expecting something completely different from what you have presented, you will get a negative reputation. You should just be honest about the description of your house to avoid the ire of potential buyers.

real estateBe specific. By being specific with your description, you can add credibility to your multiple listing Long Island. You can go ahead and use numbers, materials, or brand names. These are factual information that will improve the reputation of the house that you are trying to sell.

Including the location of the house depends on whether or not the house is in a good neighborhood. If it is, you can use that as a bragging right to entice more potential buyers. Otherwise, you should try to leave out the location of the property from the conversation since that can turn off potential buyers. If the location is in a not-so-good neighborhood, then you just have to focus on the positive highlights of the property instead.

You better start thinking in the same manner as the potential buyers when you write out the listing. That is mainly due to the fact that it is easier to write when you have an idea on what potential buyers would like from the property being sold. The more idea you get out of putting yourself in the shoes of the potential buyers, the more effective your home listing will become.

Skipping out on the fluff is highly recommended as well. This means that it would be better for you to add only the necessary descriptive words into the multiple listing Long Island. Avoid using filler words like amazing, nice, great, or the likes. Instead of using these words, replace them with the actual words describing the features and amenities that the property has.

Use keywords. You are writing a listing that will be posted online. Search engines will spider through the listing website so you must make sure that search engines can find your listing through that as well. Using the right keywords can make your listing more visible to potential buyers. The keywords that you should use must be applicable to the kind of real estate property that you are trying to sell, though.

Look at other listings. If you really have a hard time writing on your own, there should be no harm in reviewing other people’s listings and checking out how you can incorporate their style into your own. After several trial and error, you will surely be able to get used to writing listings.

What to Look for While Purchasing a Neck Lanyard

Has the time arrived for you to purchase lanyards for your organization or company? There is likely a chance that you might not know what to look for while purchasing this new item. You can find neck lanyards in a couple of different styles now a days, which can make it quite difficult for you to know exactly what you are looking for. That said, here are a couple of things that you should always look into whenever you are thinking of buying lanyards

1. What is your required style for the neck lanyard? And how long do you prefer your neck lanyards to be?

You can get lanyards in a lot of different styles, thus there might be a lot to choose from. Two of the most commonly used are the flat braid lanyards and the round braid lanyards, and thus if you are looking for something a bit too simple, these two might be the best option you would get. And if you are one of those environmentally friendly type of people, you can always check out the eco-friendly lanyards that are mostly made up of bamboo or recycled plastic. Another great option that you can always look into is the OpiWeave and the OptiBraid lanyards in which you get the option to detach the ID badge while still wearing the lanyard. There are also the awareness lanyards that you can choose, showing your businesses support to curing cancer or aids. Then, there are also the beaded or imitation leather lanyards that you can always choose from that is if you are looking for something more fashionable. The second thing that you should keep in mind once you have decided which style you want is the length of the lanyard. The standard length is 36” while the standard widths are 5/8” and 3/8”.

2. The not to break away and break away styles.

There are two different main styles that lanyards are available in – you have the non-breakaway and the breakaway styles. The breakaway lanyards are much more safer to wear compared to their counterparts, because if the lanyards are caught up in something, the breakaway clasps open, so it does not injure the person wearing it, and if safety can be a big issue for you at your workplace, these types of lanyards would be your best lanyard option. They are quite common in schools, hospitals prisons and court houses.

3. The finishing touch

Neck LanyardOne of the most important things that you need to look into while purchasing lanyards is the finishing touch. Keep in mind that the end of a lanyard can eight be sewn, can have a bead on it or even be crimped. And if the lanyard is crimped you can either choose between a black oxide crimp or a nickel plated crimped. You always have the option to choose the one you like the most.

4. The attachment

It all comes down to how to plan to get the ID cards attached to your lanyard. There are a lot of different kinds of attachments that you can always choose from, while some of the simplest that you can always look into are the split key ring attachment or the lanyard hook. As for the OptiWeave and OptiBraid lanyards they have their own kinds of attachments which may also include the cell phone holder and much other cool stuff.

5. Some other options

Whenever you may be choosing your lanyard there are always some other options that you also may want to look into, such as its color, if you are purchasing a lanyard for your company you may want to choose to just customized it with the company’s logo, name or both or none of them.

Now once you have finally decided which neck lanyard you want to purchase, it shouldn’t be too difficult to buy.

Spike or Spikeless Golf Shoes: Which Pair is the Most Suitable?

Which is a better pair of shoes, spikeless golf shoes or the ones with spikes? Golfers all over the world appreciate the existence of spikeless golf footwear which is more comfortable than the spiked ones, but there are golfers who still prefer the ones with spikes. Although wearing golf footwear is not necessary in all tournaments, a player can get a better advantage if he or she is wearing a pair of shoes for playing golf.

Beginners in the world of golf should take advantage of the benefits that spiked or spikeless shoes provide. It is recommended to wear the shoes even during practice.

The Shoes with Spikes

When the ground is especially soft or slippery, it is best to use spiked shoes for a better foothold. It is hard to deliver the right swing if the golfer won’t be able to get a sturdy footing, and that becomes much more difficult to achieve if the ground is wet or slippery. Good traction is indispensable when swinging, so how the golf shoes are anchored to the ground should be the golfer’s primary concern.

There are two kinds of spikes to choose from – the metal and plastic ones. There are some golfers who prefer the metal ones, while there are others who choose the plastic ones. Either type is good, as long as the chosen spikes can give the right foothold to the golfer.

Golf ShoesMetal spikes are sharper and longer than the plastic ones. They can give better footing than plastic, especially if the ground is soft. Metal spikes can make the golfer’s stance sturdier, but they are the foremost enemy of the greens. Metal spikes can easily tear up greens and fairways. A golfer may also feel that metal spikes get heavier as he or she becomes tired. There are times when a golfer needs to practically drag his or her feet when walking. The metal spikes may also bring discomfort when a golfer needs to stand on hard ground, making the whole experience uncomfortable.

There are golf courses that don’t permit golf footwear with metal spikes to walk their greens. It is advisable to check the conditions and requirements first before playing the game just to make sure that there will be no trouble. It is also a wise move to bring a pair of spikeless golf shoes or those with plastic spikes, just in case.

Plastic spikes are more popular than metal spikes nowadays. They are lightweight and won’t tear up the greens too much. Golfers who use plastic spikes appreciate the softness they feel underneath their feet. The golfers who use plastic spikes don’t have to drag their feet while walking as the game progresses. The only disadvantage of plastic spikes is that they can’t provide the same foothold that the metal spikes give when the ground is soft.

Plastic spikes are ideal for summer games. The good news is that the technology of plastic spikes continues to evolve as manufacturers find ways to meet the traction that metal spikes give, minus the discomfort. They are slowly evolving and soon plastic spikes will be able to completely dominate the world of spiked golf footwear.

Spikeless Shoes

Spikeless shoes have nubs or stubs to keep the golfer practically glued to the ground while playing the game, although they don’t give the same anchorage as the spiked shoes. Spikeless shoes are more comfortable and they are easy to walk with. Golfers on the go find the shoes more convenient because they don’t need to change their spikeless golf footwear and just go straight to their after-game business. Spikeless footwear is trendy and fashionable. It even exudes elegance that ordinary street shoes don’t usually have.

Which is more suitable? The answer solely lies on the golfer’s decision. No matter which shoes the golfer decides to choose, his or her golf shoes will definitely help create memorable moments.

Loading tips for storage containers

If you have ever tried moving to a new home or workplace — especially, if you are bringing along an entire family or business — without the help of a moving service, you would know how difficult it is. In fact, you would most likely think that the moving service fees you saved are not worth the additional time and effort that you had to put in. Truly, when you move, you are not only starting a new beginning — you are also starting a journey that puts your time, possessions, and even safety on the line. And the moment you must have thought of this the most is when you tried to walk the plank juggling an obscenely heavy couch, just to get it to that waiting moving van you rented.

Storage containersDespite this realization, there will always be the urge to save, especially in this economy. Since this is the case, it is time to turn to another, more cost-effective tool that has done wonders in moving and storage — portable storage containers. These containers are the simplest and yet most versatile solution to the problem that has been there ever since man decided he needed to be somewhere else.

These storage containers are large steel (also plastic or wood) boxes that are specially made to keep your valuables secure. They are made to be at ground-level, making the loading and unloading of heavy appliances easier. These are also sturdy and watertight, with an additional layer of protection making it truly weather-proof. And of course, you hold the key throughout each step of the way, making sure no one can tamper with your life’s investments.

Since you will be doing the packing yourself, it is important to make sure you know how to optimize the space. Depending on the container size you are renting, storage containers can generally carry from 1,000 to 3,000 cubic feet of items. This means a single box can give you a few room’s worth of space.

When arranging, start with the heaviest appliances — your refrigerators, wardrobes, washing machines, dishwashers, gas ranges, etc. These will be the “base” of your packing. Try to keep them together as much as possible, and use the loading straps to secure the sections. Remember that storage containers are highly customizable, so you can have these attached if none are originally provided.

Next, load the boxes in between the unfilled spaces. This will be your second section, ensuring that the items do not shift around along the way. Make sure that these boxes are completely filled. You may use paper or bubble wrap to pad the items when needed.

Lastly, load the lighter items at the top. Make sure to always stack from the floor of the container all the way up to the ceiling. Load the mattresses last as a means to provide the overall load some added stability.

Following this technique, using your storage container should be a breeze. Of course, make sure to ask the company you are hiring what amenities their boxes offer — you may opt for add-ons such as translucent roofs, modified doors, and the like.

The storage container industry has been a very competitive market for quite some time, despite it being carved by essentially a single company. In the end, it will be up to you to look for a service provider you can trust for those moments of the journey when the container is not in sight (you wouldn’t want to worry, would you?). Also, experience and customer service can weigh far more than any technical aspect attached to the boxes themselves.

The Tradition of Military Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are coins or medallions that carry a specific organization’s emblem. These coins are carried by an organization’s members to prove their membership and also boost their morale. In practice, these medallions are collected and kept by the organization’s members. Some keep it as personal souvenirs and display them at their home or office. These medallions are usually presented to the organization’s members to acknowledge a special accomplishment of a member or the whole group, in some instances. There are also situations wherein these medallions are given to visiting dignitaries or some other celebrities.

challenge coinsThese coins come in various designs and finishes. These can range from the simple tin and lead-alloy to a magnificent 24 carat gold medallion. Although there are limited choices when it comes to base metals, the finish can have a wide range of selection such as copper, silver, brass, nickel and gold. One can also have the coins look antiquated or trendy depending on the choice of insignia and blend of colors. The challenge coins are usually a masterpiece of art that bring pride to the bearer.

These challenge coins or military medallions used to be exclusive just for the military servicemen during World War I and II, if the stories of their origins are to be believed. Several stories have been told and retold about the coin having been the instrument for saving its bearer’s life or for helping soldiers verify who are their allies and enemies. In recent times however, other non-military organizations such as public servants, bureau of fire protection and even business groups have started to adopt the military challenge coin practice.

Producing and designing these coins is relatively cheap. It depends on the design and type of casting. If you want a top-quality product, die struck bronze should be your choice. Although much expensive than zinc alloy casting, using bronze yields a far more excellent quality. Complex designs and a gold finish would definitely command a higher cost but depending on the craftsmanship of your chosen manufacturer, it will all be worth the cost and effort.

Considering that military challenge coins have an illustrious history which dates back to the Roman Empire, recipients and holders of these medallions put great value to it. Members of all the branches of the armed services of the United States definitely take great pride in owning up to each of their unit or group’s particular coin. It is not only a symbol of their achievement but it is one thing that signifies their link to their colleagues.

Civilian and other public servants’ groups who are adopting this coin-emblem practice also place great importance to it as keepsake and physical symbol of their membership to a particular organization. Instead of body tattoos that connote a negative image, these coins provide some fun ways of interacting with colleagues or members of other organizations. If your organization did not yet obtain its own coin and you do not know how to produce one, you can turn to trusted makers who have already proven their mete in the field for several years now. You can suggest your own preference and let these people enhance it or you can leave everything to them and just wait for the outcome.

They already have pre-designed emblems and colors from which you can choose or modify in accordance to your needs and preference. Better still, you can ask them to create something unique for you that would suit the particular organization you belong or the specific occasion your group is commemorating. Come up with the design that would make you, its bearer, proud. They are easy to talk to and you can have your own set of challenge coins in no time.

After You Buy Twitter Followers: How to Naturally Increase their Number

Twitter continues to have a huge contribution to the marketing scene. It is one of the best platforms to campaign businesses, products, and even causes. Here, business entities and gurus are able to socialize and provide value to both entities under the same niche and their followers. However, building their followers list is not a fast process. To keep up with the competition, there are some who opted to buy Twitter followers.

Buying Twitter followers has become a popular marketing strategy to attract real followers. This is to create an image of credibility. Accounts with many followers are perceived as people who are respected and whose opinion matters. The more credible they seem, the more followers they get (real ones and not just fake). While this is a good strategy, account holders are advised not to buy Twitter followers much. This is a good kick start to their Twitter activity, but they should not depend on it too much. They also need to learn how to naturally attract followers.

Buy Twitter FollowersIf you have bought Twitter followers and are now working on gaining real ones naturally, here are some tips on how to do it.

1. Provide valuable tweets.

Your Twitter account may be widening your market reach, but if you want to retain and increase your followers you must provide them with valuable information. These are information that helps them solve problems related to your niche. For them you are considered an authority. Instead of plugging your latest product or services, given them helpful content. These may be from your own website or from someone else’s. You can also retweet someone’s posts which is related to yours niche. It may be from another entity which is considered your competition or not. Always think of your followers’ needs.

2. Mention other users or followers.

Mention other followers and users from time to time. If you posted an information shared by someone, mention your source. Don’t just send tweets in random. This will show that you are interacting with others in Tweeter, especially the gurus in your niche, and will introduce you to their followers too. This will increase your followers.

3. Do not post any dramatic statements.

Your Tweeter account is purely for professional use only. Refrain from posting emotional posts. You need to be an optimist and not a pessimist. Your followers need someone who can uplift them. People don’t like reading post that can give them a heavy heart. You should act like a professional even with your post.

4. Support others.

One of the most interesting activities in Twitter is how companies with related niches are helping each other. They, sometimes, endorse each other’s products. The goal here is to provide solution to their followers. Engaging in this creates good business relationships.

5. Be true.

Don’t be the opposite of what you post. Some people create healthier images of themselves although they really are the opposite. Your goal is to inspire and help people. That comes out naturally on your post if you practice what you preach.

6. Don’t unfollow people you’re already following.

Never unfollow a person you’re already following. People usually follow first before they can get any followers. After some time, when they already have the number of followers they want, they’d unfollow some. Don’t do this. It is best to start your Twitter connections by following people and organizations that already interests you. People usually unfollow to provide that guru-like status where they have more followers than those they are following. This is the reason why most people opt to buy Twitter followers before really working on gaining real ones.

7. Show your expertise.

You are being followed because you have something valuable to share. This shows your expertise in your niche. You have tips for your followers and solutions to their problems. Interact with them. If they follow you and ask you questions, answer them. Plan your posts according to their needs.

If you are planning to buy Twitter followers, then don’t forget to also practice these seven tips. Working on attracting followers naturally should start the moment you signed up for a Twitter account. This way, you will be able to enhance your credibility in your niche.